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Welcome, SEGA Dreamcast User!
We are happy to be able to provide tech support services for you and your SEGA Dreamcast. Please follow the directions below for setting up a connection to Websurf.

As always, if you are a Websurf customer, you are more than welcome to call our tech support line in Wichita at 945-7873 or toll free 1-877-329-1671, or you can fill out the form on our contact page.

Place the Dreamcast Web-browser software in your Dreamcast, label side up, and close the CD door.

  • Turn ON your Dreamcast.
  • Load your Dreamcast Browser.
  • The FIRST time you run the browser it will take you through the REGISTRATION process.
  • Use your controller to move your cursor and the "A" button to select options.
  • When prompted to sign up with AT&T select "No thanks, I have my own ISP".
  • Use your controller and "A" button to input data through the 'on-screen keyboard'.
  • Put YOUR REAL NAME in the "Real Name" column.
  • For "User Login" put your username.
  • Put your password in the "Password" area.  (This is cAsE-sEnSiTiVe!)
  • Make certain you have the correct dial-up numbers.
  • Put your area code in the "Area Code" section.
  • Leave "Long Distance Prefix" blank.
  • If you have Call-waiting consult your phonebook for the "Call Waiting Prefix" to disable it.
  • Unless you have to dial a number to get an outside line; leave "Outside Dial Prefix" empty.
  • Select "Tone" dialing unless you only have pulse (rotary) dialing in your house.
  • Select "Off" in the "Dial Area Code" section.
  • In the "Blind Dial" section select "Off".
  • Make sure you select "No" for the "Use Proxy" settings.
  • Leave "Proxy server" and "Proxy Port" BLANK.
  • Enter your FULL NAME in the "E-mail Account" section.
  • For "E-mail Login" put in your username.
  • Enter your Login Password in the "E-mail Password" section.
  • Enter your E-mail address for the "Email Address". (Ex:
  • For "Incoming Server" & "Outgoing Server" type in

  • When you're SURE you have all the information correct click on the "OK" button.
  • Click on the "Enter" button to start your first Internet session!