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6. Unsolicited E-mail ("SPAM")
We at WebSurf have a ZERO-tolerance policy towards any customer directly or indirectly responsible for the transit of SPAM through our system. Under NO circumstances will SPAM be allowed to pass through our servers. Any customer caught "spamming" will immediately have their account suspended until they contact a network administrator. On a second offense, the account will be terminated and removed from the system (this includes all files, web pages, and e-mail stored on our server). The customer can then re-sign up for an account, starting as if a new customer. On a third offense, the account will be indefinately suspended, and the customer will no longer hold or open an account with WebSurf.

SPAM includes, but is not limited to:

  • MMF's - Make Money Fast (ie: "Make $47,000,000 in one day!")
  • Chain e-mail - The electronic version of chain letters
  • Pornographic material
  • Any e-mail where the sender benifits by the reader visiting a website
  • Any e-mail without a VALID removal (or "opt out") method
  • Any unsolicited e-mail (it is always theft of service no matter what its topic)

Our e-mail server properly rejects "relayed" mail, which decreases the amount of spam coming from our system, HOWEVER if customers choose to send SPAM, the above is meaningless. We do everything we can to prevent the passage of SPAM through our servers, and would appreciate the cooperation of our customers. If you receive spam that you think originated from our servers, please forward it (with FULL headers) to abuse @ websurf.net with an explanation.

Our e-mail server is also setup to deny e-mail from any servers listed on the MAPS (Mail Abuse Prevention System) RBL (Realtime Blackhole List) to lessen the amount of SPAM delivered to our customers.

For more information on SPAM, please visit mail-abuse.net

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